The Baby Bath Seat – What Is It and How Useful Is It?

As the name suggests, a baby bath seat is something that helps you bathe your baby. The baby can be seated in a seat in a comfortable position and may enjoy the bathing process more. For the mother, it keeps the baby still enough to bathe and keeps the baby from slipping down or out. There are pros and cons of this baby product which are listed below-

The pros

1. Baby Bath SeatThis is a suitable option for babies once they are past infancy and have outgrown their infant bath pad or infant bath seat.

2. The bath seat will keep the baby supported and partially confined while bathing.

Also baby is not fully immersed in water (which many babies don’t like) and safe from falling over or slipping in order that he or she may be bathed effectively.

3. Some seats come equipped with a swivel option to give the parent or adult better access to the baby so that those hard to reach areas can effectively be cleaned as well.

4. Some are equipped with supports that attach to the side of an adult bath tub that keep them in place.

Cons of a baby bath seat

1.Safety is the most pressing concern when it comes to a baby’s bath seat. Some allege that these products are not safe to use because it is possible for a baby to slip out and under the water or to tip over and into the water.

2.Also when the baby is in such a seat, a parent could mistakenly think that it is OK to leave the baby alone for just a while till they answered the phone and so on, however it is important to remember that these are just helpful products meant to assist parents and not safety devices with which the baby can ever be left alone.

Remember it takes only seconds, and just a few inches of water for a small baby to drown so a baby should never be farther than arm’s reach when near water.

3.In particular older models of bath seats; the kind with suction cups and larger leg holes are to be avoided. The newer varieties of seats made for bathing babies are safer and better designed.

4.Even the newer varieties that have the ’arm’ that fixes over the side of the adult tub are not too effective if the tub is the sunken kind.

5.Many users also argue that a baby bath seat is really a needless expense. It can be used only for babies who can sit up unaided (it is unsuitable for smaller infants who would need an infant seat or bathing pad).

Also it is unsuitable for babies who can pull up to stand by themselves because they can then tip over. So buying the bath seat for that short duration of a few months hardly seems to be worth the effort and expense.

If you do decide to buy a baby bath seat, check that it is not a recalled variety and that it has safety features such as the clamp for the side of the tub and that it has a central bar that runs between baby’s legs to prevent him or her from sliding out.


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