Swim Nappy – Disposable vs. Reusable

The public pools usually require the babies to have a swim nappy. In the majority of the cases, the parents opt for the reusable ones because these are economical and in the same time they are also comfortable for the baby, offering a trim fit.

Why to use a nappy for swimming

The main point of the nappy, as you may have guessed, is to keep the baby poo out of the pool, avoiding a contamination. This nappy doesn’t absorb liquids and it is something like a waterproof pant that has as its only purpose containing the mess. If the nappy was absorbent, it would absorb the pool water.

Some of the parents think that they can use a regular nappy as swimming nappy. In the moment when the baby enters the pool the nappy absorbs water and it becomes really heavy. Also pools don’t allow regular nappies because they can burst and fill the filtration system with absorbent gel beads.

Disposable and reusable swim nappy

The disposable diapers are made of two layers of polypropilene with a layer of absorbent foam between them. Usually they are pulled up and off, but if there is an accident, the sides can also be opened. These can be worn on their own or under a regular swimsuit.

However, these swim diapers could turn out to be bulky under the swimsuit. Since they aren’t very breathable, they could turn out to be very hot in the summer. These need to be thrown away after use or in case of an accident. The truth is that this is an expensive solution.

Swim NappyThe reusable swim nappy is made of a waterproof fabric that can hold the poop in case of an accident. In order to have a snug fit, the waist and the legs come with elastic. Just as in the previous case, it can be worn on its own or under a regular swimsuit. This is a less expensive option.

The Velcro or snap diaper for swimming that is also reusable is another option. This is something like the pull on kind, but if there is an accident, it can immediately be opened. The downside of the diaper is that it can be bulkier under a swimsuit. You just have to wash it and then you can use it again.

Conclusions about the swimming diapers

In the majority of the cases, the parents opt for the reusable nappies since they are cheaper and they can use them over and over again. If the child doesn’t have an accident they still have to throw away the disposable diaper, and that is expensive.

It is up to you to decide what kind of swim nappy you want to use, but it looks like it is worth to opt for the reusable ones because they cost less and you have to buy the nappy only once.


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