Precautions To Take When Using A Baby Sling

baby slingIt is a fact that a baby sling can make things enormously easy for parents leaving their hands free and enabling them to go places and do things with baby held securely to the chest.

It is also true that the baby enjoys the cozy warmth and comforting proximity of the parent or caregiver.

However, improper use of the baby sling could be potentially dangerous and even result in increased risk of suffocation. It is recommended that:

  • It is best not to use a baby sling with a premature baby unless a pediatrician has been consulted.
  • Be careful with a baby younger than 4 months of age when using a baby sling. They don’t have full control over the neck and head and this is therefore of great importance.
  • Parents should also be more careful with babies who have a low birth weight or breathing problems of any kind.
  • The slings should be used properly or they could be dangerous. If a baby’s chin goes to the chest the esophagus can be affected and this is to be kept in mind when in the stroller, the car seat or anywhere.
  • It is recommended that newborn babies should be carried vertically in the sling.
  • The face should always be visible, the chin should be up and the mouth free.


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