Playmats for Babies, Floor Gyms and Other Options

Good quality playmats for babies can be a boon – not only can they mean some time for mommy or care giver to do some other chores without having to lug baby along, they can actually help in learning and development for the baby as well.

There are many different options for a parent to choose from when it comes to Playmats for Babies –

A puzzle play mat is a great idea because it is a toy, a puzzle, a learning aid and a playmat for baby all rolled into one. It is also waterproof so cleaning diaper accidents, baby drool and food messes is easy.

It is odorless so that baby is less likely to have any kind of allergic reaction to it. In the beginning it will be useful for giving baby some tummy-time, later, baby will have fun trying to fit numbers and alphabets through their shape slots, making this a great pre-school educational aid as well.

If you want to go with the traditional type of play mat, you may want to try Playmats for Babies such as this one. Beautifully bright colors and designs means that baby will find it endlessly fascinating to look at.

Smiling faces encourage baby to smile back and different textures mean that baby has much to explore. Lightly cushioned, it is ideal for use on the floor, in the garden and so on and is large enough for another child or mommy to settle down on for a while. This little mat also comes equipped with a mirror to keep baby amused and a teether to soothe aching gums.

As an alternative to playmats for babies, you may prefer a Play house gym or a music and lights activity mat such as these. These items are more than just play mats, they have a number of built-in features such as toys, soft side walls, music, mirrors, and other activities.

playmats-for-babiesMany of them are the sort that transform as a baby grows older and reaches more developmental milestones. Since there are many activities built into the item, baby will have a lot of fun discovering and exploring each new one, and then learning to manipulate them in different ways.

You can also consider an inflatable play ring such as this one, which is not really a play mat, but helps supports baby in a sitting position and amuses baby at the same time.

Things to look for in playmats for babies –

  • They should be made from baby friendly, non-toxic material. If possible also look for ones that use organic and/or hypoallergenic materials.
  • Look for a portable mat, so that you can easily move it from one to another room, out of doors and also carry it along when going out.
  • Ideally get one that grows with baby – to begin with, it can simply be a place where baby gets their daily tummy time, later it is somewhere that baby can settle down to play with toys, and then perhaps use for more interesting adventures.
  • They should ideally be colorful enough to interest baby and well designed enough to encourage education and development.
  • It is essential that playmats for babies are easy to clean, soft and comfortable for baby’s tender skin.


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