Personalized Baby Blankets To Make The Sleep Time More Convenient For Your Little One!

Personalized Blanket Buddy

Personalized Blanket BuddyThis lovable baby blanket attracts your buddy a lot and it will sure become your baby’s favorite friend as it is so soft and delightfully cuddly.

Each unfold of this can be plush to 30″ x 36″ blanket by which it will keep your baby warm.

It will give all the comforts required for your baby to let him stay in the happy mood.

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Personalized Jack Terrier Lovie Security Blanket

Personalized Jack Terrier Lovie Security BlanketThis personalized jack terrier lovie security blanket will be your baby’s first best friend.

They certainly enjoy the company of it and feel happier by hugging and playing with it.

This blanket is made with the finest soft material, which provides a soft touch for your little one.

This blanket consists of finest details like stitched noses, ultra thick and supple fleece and a petal soft satin. The length of this baby blanket is 24.5 inches long.

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Pink Couture Blanket

Pink Couture BlanketYour cute little baby will love this yummy pink couture blanket which is exclusively made from baby jake’s pink and blue couture line.

This is a double sided blanket which has classic Hawaiian print on a soft and fluffy poodle shag fabric.

The maintenance of this one is easy and extra special care is not needed while washing.

The warm fuzzies and pleasing colors which are present in this blanket attracts your little one a lot and gives complete protection for him/her from cold and other dusty atmosphere at sleeping time.

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