How to Choose an Organic Baby Mattress

Although a lot of parents consider getting an organic baby mattress, some of them think that its price is difficult to handle and so they are asking whether it is worth it. Most probably this is because these are the safest mattresses for the babies and for a parent there is nothing more important than their child.


Why to get a mattress that is organic for the baby?

Usually there are two main reasons for which the parents opt for such mattresses: health related problems and the impact on the environment. We all know that it is healthier for us to sleep on an organic mattress and so it is also healthier for the baby.

How to make the decision

There are some questions that you have to consider when shopping for organic baby mattress. One of them is whether the manufacturer uses plastic, glues, flame-retardants, synthetics or chemicals. This is an important question because the mattresses shouldn’t have any of these.

The best thing you could do regarding the green baby mattress to find one that is made of organic cotton or some other natural material, like hemp, wool, bamboo, natural latex or silk. You should also ask questions about the return policy of the company and whether the mattress has a warranty.

What kind of bed

Another thing to consider regarding the organic baby mattress is whether it needs a box spring or a slat frame bed. In the majority of the cases the sheets, pillows, blankets, and the mattresses are treated with chemicals that repel the stains, wrinkles or water and they are died with synthetic dies.

Other things to consider

If you get a baby mattress that is green, you should make sure that the rest of the bedding is also as natural as possible and this means that you need organic bedding and pillows as well for the little one. It is a good idea to get an organic cover that protects the mattress against dust mites and other kinds of microorganisms.

Remember that the baby spends most of his or her time in bed, and this is why it is important to invest in an organic baby mattress. It is believed that the babies who have a mattress of this kind will be healthier than their other counterparts because they aren’t exposed to that much dust.

IKEA’s Sultan line and getting a baby mattress that is organic

When looking for a new mattress for the baby, you should consider this line of IKEA. It is a known fact that the company doesn’t use brominated flame-retardants in the countries where this isn’t against the law. However since there is no accurate information on this matter, it is difficult to verify.

Besides IKEA, there are some other companies as well that offer green mattresses for babies. If you want to get such a mattress, make sure that you remember to ask the questions that were mentioned before. They are important to protect your investment.

Now you know more about the organic baby mattress so make sure you choose the right way.


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