Looking For Infant Car Seat? Here Are The Guidelines To Ease Your Search!

Infant Car SeatYour infant requires special protection while in a vehicle. Properly installed infant car seat can save your child’s life.

But, choosing the right infant seat can be an overwhelming task for every new parent.

An infant car seat should face the back of the vehicle. It is designed to fit newborns up to about 20-22 lbs.

The infant car seat should be placed in a vehicle at an incline of no more than 45-degree angle and move no more than 2.5 cm side-to-sides or forward at the base.

If necessary, use a towel or a foam bar under the base of the infant car seat to adjust the angle.

There are three types of safe infant car seats.

Rear-facing infant only car seat – After the birth of the infant most of the parents choose rear-facing infant seats after that they switch to a rear-facing convertible seat as the infant grows.

Rear-facing convertible car seats – Some of the parents choose convertible seats from birth until the age of 1.

Car beds – For the premature babies and very small infant these car beds can be useful.

Choose an infant car seat that fits your child

Usually an infant car seat is chosen before the baby arrives. This makes difficult for you to choose a car seat that will fit someone you have never seen.

Babies come in all different sizes and shapes. Most of the parents prefer to buy a car seat several weeks after the birth of the child.

You have to consider several things while buying an infant car seat that best fits for your child. Some of them are:

The car seat must have more than one harness slots. They are the slits in the back of the seat where the harness strap come through. In an infant car seat the harness should come out of the seat at or below the baby’s shoulder.

Don’t prefer the car seats which have only one harness slot. This may be too high for the newborn and you can’t protect your child.

While buying an infant car seat a five-point harness is an important consideration. A five-point harness has a strap going over each shoulder, one over each hip, and they connect to the strap coming between the legs. This gives a snugger fit and keeps your baby in the right place.

Before buying an infant car seat check whether the harness adjuster can be easily accessible or not. Babies grow quickly and seem to change size wise on a regular basis.

Choose the car seat that fits correctly into your car

The infant car seat that you bought for your child must fit in your car. Most of the vehicles have humps, inclined seats and clip configurations that are completely incompatible with some car seats.

While installing the car seat, you need to be sure that it is locked into place and that there is less than 1 inch of movement.

Every time use the car seat correctly otherwise it won’t protect your child. Check for all the car seat accessories.


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