Learn The Chicken Dance For Your Newborn!

According to one mum, dancing the chicken dance along with your newborn baby could be useful for a whole lot of reasons: bond with your new baby, get him or her to sleep and get rid of some baby flab!

Most moms develop their own way of getting their newborns to sleep: rocking in a rocking chair, walking around, bouncing in the lap, taking a drive in the car etc. Many babies however have their own idea, some who will not tolerate any sitting when being put to sleep. The chicken dance may come in handy for such opinionated kids.

lullaby exercises

This chicken dance features some easy to learn and perform dance movements: dancing and swaying and stretching; to help mother as well as baby relax. It involves putting baby in a baby carrier and dancing so that the rhythmic swaying and movement will rock baby to sleep while being held close to mommy.

It is emotionally and physically good for mommy as well; designed to be good for her emotionally and physically. It also helps mommy relax and bond with baby while at the same time doing something to lose her pregnancy inches; not even realizing when baby falls asleep!


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