Jogging Stroller – How to Pick the Right One

With busy parents often having to multitask to fit into one day, everything that needs doing, the jogging stroller has become a popular choice that lets a parent take their child out for a ride, and get a workout at the same time.

Sometimes a jogging or running stroller is a necessity for a parent who wants to get out for run but has no one to take care of the baby in the meantime. So if you’re getting such a stroller, keep the following in mind.

Safety features of jogging strollers

  • Jogging StrollerThe safety of your baby is of course a prime concern so make sure that the stroller comes equipped with a proper 5 point harness that keeps a baby in place even in case of sudden stops and prevents baby from bouncing about even on bumps and sharp turns.
  • Make sure that the stroller comes equipped with good brakes that help you stop when you want, and also the sort that act as parking brakes.
  • A canopy over the stroller will protect baby against sun, wind and rain, and even against pesky pests. Ideally pick one that has a foldable canopy or sun shade that can fold away when not required.
  • If you’re going to use the stroller on uneven surfaces then make sure you get an all terrain one that has good build in shock absorbers to keep baby from jarring and bouncing.
  • A bigger stroller means that it will continue to be of use even as a child grows, and it also means that it has space to keep other stuff in it (for instance if you want to go to the market with baby). A bigger stroller with a wider wheel base also means better stability. A bigger stroller also will have a higher weight capacity, but it could be heavier by itself as well.
  • Storage and fold away options are also to be considered. If it is important for a stroller to be stowed away quickly into a closet or the boot of a car, then small and compact jogging strollers are a better idea.
  • Consider how good a fit the running stroller is to your physical proportions; your height and the height of the stroller handle should match well enough for it to be comfortable.
  • Consider if you want a stroller that has pouches, trays and handles. This offers storage space for baby’s stuff (extra diaper, wipes, bottle, a couple of toys or a snack and so on) or stuff you needed to get at the store. Consider what you need and don’t pick the sort that has a bunch of fitting that could be superfluous for you.
  • Check the surfaces of the seats and back rest of the stroller – it is easy to wash or remove for cleaning?

Consider the convenience factor


Do your research about the features you require and the value for money that the model offers. Amazon has many very good models which are very competitively priced; doing a product search for “jogging stroller” will offer several excellent results.


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