Is It Safe To Use A Baby Walker?

baby walkerMore than half of the babies between the ages of 5-15 months use the walker.

Babies love to be in a walker and also parents love to use the walker because it can keep a fussy baby entertained for more hours.

You can choose among various types of baby walkers such as wheeled frame, plastic base and fabric seat that have leg holes in order to permit your baby to move along the floor.

There are various reasons why most parents choose a walker such as to promote walking and to provide exercise for your child. Most of the parents consider walker as a safe option for their infants.

Studies have shown that baby walker does not affect the time at which your child learns walking and if at all there is any affect on your child walking, it is only a delay of few weeks. The babies who use walker can have an abnormal walk at beginning, but this will become normal as time passes.

Studies told that most of the accidents and injuries are due to baby walker than with any other kind of baby equipment. This is because walker adds extra speed, additional height and access to various hazards.

Most of the injuries with baby walker are caused due to:

Tipping over:

The walker can tip over when the child tries to cross the floor that is uneven such as carpet edges and door thresholds.

Falling down stairs:

When the child in the walker quickly moves to the edge of the stairs, then they will fall down and can lead to most severe injuries. These types of injuries suddenly happen when you forget to close the basement door and safety gates.


The child in a baby walker can face burns when he touches the hot surfaces like radiators, fire places, range doors and heaters. Your child can also face burns when they reach and spill the hot liquids like coffee, soups and cooking oil.

Safety tips while considering a baby walker:

  • To avoid falling down from the stairs, ensure that all the gates are closed each time you use the walker.
  • To avoid the burns, keep your child in a walker away from the hot surfaces and also the containers consisting of hot liquids.
  • To prevent the accidents, keep an eye on your child whenever he is in a walker. The walker improves the child’s mobility and also his reach.
  • To prevent tipping over, only use the walker on smooth surfaces.
  • To prevent drowning, avoid your child from going towards toilets, swimming pools, and any other water sources.

Buy a new walker that has all the safety features in order to prevent from falling down stairs. You can also consider an activity center to prevent your child from these injuries because they allow your child to walk within the limited area.


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