How to Feel Feminine no Matter how Little you’ve Slept

We’ve all been there. Your school-age child decided to play up at bedtime, and required several hikes up and down the stairs to put him back into bed before sleep finally came. Then when you finally hopped into bed, the baby began to cry, requiring more hikes up and down the stairs for milk, nappies and a favourite teddy. Eventually you crawl into bed at after 3 in the morning, only to be woken two hours later by the very same kids, who are now raring to start the brand new day.

There is no doubt about it: motherhood is tough. Working all day, whether at a paid job or around the home, coupled with the inevitable night-time disruptions and early mornings can leave mums feeling washed out and worn down. No doubt, when it comes to starting the new day, nothing is further from your mind than making yourself look stylish or feel feminine. While understandable, this can lead to a feeling of being housebound and a reduced desire to go out and socialise.

In a recent report by Proctor and Gamble, 36 per cent of mums felt isolated all or most of the time. A further 50 per cent had feelings of isolation on some days, with only 13 per cent stating they never felt like this. The first step to getting back out there and into society has to be to feel better about yourself. Finding the time to pick outfits for the day is never easy with little kids, but with our top essential feminine pieces, you’ll find it easier to look your best every day.

Top pieces for easy, feminine looks:

  • Ballet pumps – An essential bit of kit, the ballet pumps go with everything and are completely comfortable and equally glamorous.
  • Tunics – these suit most body shapes and are quick to throw on. Teamed with some simple leggings and your ballet pumps, you’ll look and feel fantastic!
  • Long skirts – A simple black maxi skirt or long denim skirt is a great way to add a feminine touch to your wardrobe without feeling you’re revealing too much.
  • Belted cardigans – A neutrally coloured, belted cardigan is an essential piece for the tired mum’s wardrobe. Pop it over any outfit to instantly give yourself a waist and a feminine silhouette.
  • Skinny jeans – Hip, comfy and incredibly flattering, mums love skinny jeans. Wear them with a long-sleeved tunic on cooler days to hide all those wobbly bits, or go for a loose shirt on sunny days for a flattering, feminine look.
  • Shirt dress – Don’t start summer without it! A shirt dress in a nice beige or pastel shade will add bags of feminine style to your look. Add a little ribbon belt to accentuate your waistline, and team with some comfy leggings and gladiator sandals for comfort and style.
  • Sunglasses – A pair of killer sunglasses are a must-have for any mum. Not only do they let you leave the house without putting on your make up, but they also make any outfit look meticulously planned.


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