Have You Considered Getting These Helpful Baby Products?

Experienced parents who have undergone the rigors of the first few months with a new baby may be able to tell you that some of the items listed below may have made their first time with a baby at home rather easier.

Baby Products

As new parents battle lack of sleep, incomprehension about the brand new baby and try to make things work, these little baby products could make things easier or could also make thoughtful gifts for expectant or new parents:

1. Medicated pads to soothe the perineum. After the rigors of childbirth, it is important to remember to look after mommy’s healing body as well. Medicated pads can line maxi pads to offer soothing comfort.

2. Gas drops, and gripe water. With fussy babies, gassy or colicky babies these can be god send. Whereas gripe water soothes fussy babies and even helps with resolving hiccups, gas drops can help ease distension and gas in a baby, and can be invaluable for many new parents.

3. Some babies find similar relief when they are swaddled firmly and securely, however many parents also recommend a tummy waistband for baby that, when heated, releases healing and easing properties that help baby gas and colic.

Since this is an external remedy, many parents prefer it to using oral medication.

4. Infant medications such as Motrin and Tylenol for babies. Though you shouldn’t give your baby any medication without clearing it with your doctor, having these items at hand, if a baby has a temperature in the middle of the night, can be most useful.

5. They are called Boogie Wipes, baby wipes and so on but they can be useful for any number of things when you’re out with baby. Cleaning sticky fingers so baby can have a finger food snack, wiping a messy face, cleaning a runny nose, you can use them for all these and more.

Look for saline wipes that are alcohol free, paraben free and ideally unscented they can be useful to keep at home as well as in the car or in baby’s bag and can be gentler to use than dry tissues for baby.

6. Saline nose drops can be another really useful thing for babies. When babies get cold or a blocked nose for any reason, you will probably wish that you could blow baby’s nose for them, so fussy do they get!

A blocked nose may even prevent a baby from eating properly and saline nose drops can help to clear the nasal passages keeping baby comfy and happy.

7.While many parents use diaper rash cream or barrier cream to prevent diaper rash others recommend diaper area wash that can be used on baby’s diaper area with soft cotton wool or a spray. Such baby products can double as intimate wipes for adults as well.

8. Baby massage oil is also a great idea; it helps a parent bond with baby and is greatly enjoyable for baby and parent. Ideally look for unscented, natural oils such as olive oil.


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