Green Baby Products for the Ecologically Responsible Parent

Individuals who are conscious about their responsibilities to the environment will naturally make the effort to find and use green baby products, which help to reduce the ecological imprint of what we consume.

Equally, parents would like to be sure that the choices that they make for their baby are as good for their baby in terms of being safe, non-toxic, and free from chemical additives and so on; which is yet another reason to opt for green baby products. Here are some ideas for green products for babies that you could use.


Clothing and diapering

Organic clothing is a great choice for a baby since it means that the product has been made from organically grown cotton which is grown without using harmful pesticides.

Receiving blankets, swaddling sheets, baby clothing such as onesies, pajamas, baby sleep sacks, mitts, hats, flannels, socks, booties, and so on can all be organic and hence green baby products.

A choice that parents are increasingly making is to use reusable cloth diapers for their babies, and eschewing disposable diapers due to the amount of waste they create and due to the environmental cost to the environment even in terms of manufacturing them. Cloth diapers are available in different designs, colors and types to suit every requirement. Additionally cloth wipes, organic diaper bags, chlorine free diapers and so on are also green options.

Green baby products for feeding

It isn’t just what baby eats that can be organic, but what he eats off and out off can also be ecologically friendly. For instance BPA free feeding spoons and other feeding utensils, silicone freezer trays (for when you freeze portions of homemade baby food), organic cotton bibs, or BPA free plastic bibs, plats, napkins and cleaning cloths, are all the more earth friendly options. Also parents can be sure that their baby is not going to come into contact with harmful chemicals so far as possible.

Green baby products for bathing

Bathing is another area that parents can go green. Organic cotton towels, napkins, wipes, wash cloths and so on are obvious green options here, but parents can also make other green choices – Organic shampoo, soap, baby lotions, massage oils and so on. Also parents can opt for bathing tubs that are made from BPA free raw materials. Even bath toys and other bath accessories can be green and non toxic.

Green baby products for the nursery

Then there is the nursery furniture to think of – what green choices can parents make here? Well a parent can make sure that the furniture for the nursery such as the baby’s crib or cot, the changing table, and other items are made from responsibly sourced wood and treated with non toxic finishes.

Further the crib set, the blankets, sheets, duvets, bumper, can all be crafted from organic materials. Even other items in the nursery such as hooks for hanging up stuff, lamps, wall art, a musical mobile to hang over the baby’s bed can be of the type that minimize the ecological impact made in terms of sourcing and manufacturing.


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