Fun Time Safe Play Mats For Kid’s Play!

Play mats are so wonderful for your little one as they create a safe work and play areas for newborn babies. With various colors and shapes available, you can customize child’s play area or bedroom with wonderful play mats.

Tummy-Time Fun

If you want to encourage your baby to spend more time on their play areas, tummy time fun mat will be a great choice. Not only provides wonderful play area for your baby, it is exclusively designed to help the development of upper body strength in the neck and shoulders.

The supportive pillow provided with the play mat keeps your little one comfy during extended play. The play with tummy time fun mat includes 8 developmental activities along with it. [ via ]

Throw-About Blanket

You can easily carry this throw about blanket along with you whenever you are picnicking with your baby.

The durable construction, light layer padding and water resistant nylon backing of the blanket make it perfect for tossing down the sand or campground.

It also includes a diaper bag, easy carry sling with shoulder straps and storage pockets. The blanket can be easily washed using machine and it also dries quickly. [ via ]


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