Essential Baby Products While Travelling

While travelling, your packing phase will be a little more meticulous this time because you have the little one with you. Most of your time will be spent to entertain your baby rather than enjoying the passing scenes; but if you have all his necessary items with you the handling will not be that difficult.

Essential Baby Products While Travelling

With new born baby, it is better for you stick to your home as during this stage baby will need nonstop attention but once he crosses 3 months, you can again take the pleasure of travelling the world. Parents can accumulate some strategies mentioned here while travelling with their baby. This will be a helpful checklist for you –

  • First-aid kit for your baby is the most important thing to carry while travelling to combat minor medical problems. Do not forget to keep doctor’s prescription with you. Chalk out an emergency sheet about the information of your child’s health, contact numbers of health care provider.
  • A hat should always be with you to protect your baby from sunny weather or to keep warm during cool environment. Better if you can carry an umbrella or rain coat in monsoon inflicted zones.
  • Bring removable shade screens for your car side window to protect your baby’s eyes from the rays of the sun. Peel-and-stick glooms are much safer rather than attached with suction cup.
  • If you are travelling in flight keep your baby busy in breast feeding or provide a bottle, pacifier or sippy cup to suck during take-off and landing time. Plug in little cotton balls in his ears as that will prevent him from getting the jerk due to the change in air pressure during this time.
  • You must have baby carry bag to carry your baby either in front or back. This is a handy and easier way to carry your baby while travelling as your hands also remain free to carry other things.
  • You should carry a goody bag well furnished with diapers, wipes, anti-rash diaper lotion and a waste bag to dispose the changing diapers. Put in some favourite toys of your baby, at least 3-4 sets of clothes, washable plastic bibs, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • If your baby completely depends on breast feeding then carry breast pump and extra bottles for storage. If your baby is able to eat solid foods then carry light weighted plastic feeding set.

Always start early packing while travelling with your baby and chalk out a list which you have to pack. Do not pack diapers at the bottom of your bag as you might need them anytime. Use resealable plastic to pack medicines and toiletries of your baby to avoid spilling.

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