5 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Newborn

It is of extreme essentiality to protect your tender and sensitive baby from toxic exposure and poisonous chemicals. From the teether they chew on, to the diaper-bag where their fresh diapers are stored, everything has to be as free of chemicals and as organic as possible. This will prevent them from the common skin diseases like diaper-rash, itchiness, sneezing and many more. Here is a list of 5 important eco-friendly products for your newborn.

5 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Newborn

Go green with the gear and other accessories


Buy those diaper-bags that are free of AZO and built with the material PVC, which is much better than common plastic. The material used to make the diaper-bag does not contain phthalates or DEHP, BOP, DBP or any other toxic chemicals. Moreover the PVC diaper-bags are waterproof, washable and compact and come in a variety styles, colours and designs.

Eco-friendly baby crib

Lolly 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

If your newborn has the habit of licking and chewing on the crib it sleeps in, then purchasing an eco-friendly crib should be the best option. With an eco-friendly baby crib, you will no longer have to worry about your baby chewing on harmful chemicals. The crib manufactured by Babyletto, Lolly is built using non-poisonous and natural wood, varnished with a polish that is free of lead and phthalates. The crib is certified as Green Guard “Gold”, which means that it has cleared the test of VOCs and other toxins and is perfect for your newborn to sleep in.

Organic clothes


This might sound weird but is actually quite common. Organic clothing means clothes made of natural materials, like cotton, which is soft and really comfortable. There is a lot of synthetic cotton available in the market. Stay away from that. Synthetic and/or artificially produced cotton is often sprayed with chemical pesticides and treated and made using chemical toxins that affects your baby’s skin adversely.  Buy clothes that are made of pure cotton for your baby.

Silicone feeding bottle


Till date, parents have always preferred feeding bottles made of glass as a natural, eco-friendly baby feeding bottle. But Silicone has made them change their minds. Bottles made of Silicone are free of BPA and other chemical toxins. Silicone is heat resistant in a way that the material does not start leaching its chemicals when hot milk or water is poured into the bottle. Moreover, the bottle is unbreakable and very lightweight. Your baby can feed itself without you having to fear about the bottle breaking or being too heavy for him.

Eco-friendly stroller


Buy a stroller which is green and eco-friendly. The Maclaren Triumph pram is built with organic and biodegradable materials, and can be recycled too, when your child doesn’t need it anymore. The frame of the perambulator is made from plastic that is recycled and is free of toxins. The fabric inside is soft and made from recycled drink bottles. Even the foot holder and rain shade is constructed from organic and recycled materials. This perambulator is the best deal for going green and safe for your newborn.


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