Cloth Diapers – A Viable Alternative?

The disposable diaper versus cloth diaper battle continues to rage, with each side making telling points. Disposable diapers create huge amounts of waste that is difficult to biodegrade and which piles up in landfills; also they have to be discarded after use, making them an expensive option. On the other hand, you cannot beat the convenience of disposable diapers so what do you do?

cloth diapers

One mother decided to use cloth diapers because it can mean savings as well as being environmentally responsible. Cloth diapers have improved and evolved in recent times and offer far more convenience for harried mothers than the faded cotton squares used decades ago.

One can check out the different types of cloth diapers which are now available everywhere and see what works for them; a diapering service is also an option.

For those who wish to launder cloth diapers at home, a diaper sprayer mounted on the toilet can be handy – this can help flush the solid waste down the toilet.

And it is also possible to use disposables part of the time. At night when a long uninterrupted sleep (for baby as well as parents) is needed or for vigorous toddler activity, pop on a disposable; the rest of the time one can still use cloth!


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