All the Right Reasons to Choose Eco Friendly Baby Products

When looking for products for the baby you shouldn’t consider only those very expensive. Just take a look around and try to find the eco friendly baby products. Why should you do so? This is a win-win situation. The little one won’t be surrounded by potentially harmful chemicals and other substances and you will know that you have done the right thing for the planet.

The baby products that are eco friendly come in many different shapes and forms, like toys, clothing, decorations and so on, and there is also a really wide price range, so you can be sure to find something that you like and that you actually can afford.

Eco Friendly Baby ProductsEco-friendly toys

There are some toys that have been awarded for their eco-friendliness and they also got into the house of celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes.

These are Sleep Sheep, Twilight Turtle and Lullawraps created by Cloud B. There are also some other baby products that are eco friendly such as Polar Cuddle Cup, that is made of soy.

If you prefer bamboo, there are some toys as well that have this as their main ‘ingredient’ like Dozy Dolphin and Dozy Dolphin on the Go.

What about the bath

In case you would like to choose eco friendly baby products, then you don’t have to think only about the room of the little one. You should know that PVC isn’t that good for the environment and so you should avoid traditional plastic objects. Instead think about the collections such as Bath Tub Toy Bags. These come with numerous pockets to store different items and there are different styles for you to choose from as baby products that are eco friendly are concerned.

The wash mitts could also turn to be organic. The Rich Frog products that come in frog and duck shapes are a very cute example. You can also find slippers, blankie dolls, reversible hats and different toys, all of them being made of organic cotton and becoming baby products that are eco friendly.

Skin products

Celebrities are also looking for eco friendly baby products and they have found the Erbaviva luxury skin care products. The fans of the line include Gwen Stefani, Uma Thurman and Tori Spelling. These products can be used by babies, moms and pregnant women and they are made of certified organic ingredients and oils not to mention that they are manufactured in locations that are environmentally friendly.

There are new baby products that are eco friendly, such as the Baby Butter that contains cocoa butter, chamomile and beeswax. There are also some other kinds of products that you would like to find out about, such as lip balm.


Diaper bags and other items seem to be an absolute necessity, and if you are looking for eco friendly baby products, then consider the ones created by Kalencom. These are free of AZO and they have a great style and design with bright colors. These are made of PVC without harmful substances. As you can see, there are many different ideas for eco friendly baby products.


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