Choose Baby Lotions With Natural Ingredients For Moisturizing Skin Of Your Babies!

Baby LotionBaby lotion that is used for the beautiful skin of your baby should be formulated in such a way that it is free from harmful chemicals.

The lotions should not be made of harsh chemicals, animal’s bye products, chemical dyes and the crude oil by-products.

You have to choose the natural baby lotions for your baby, as their skin is very delicate and sensitive.

The safe and gentle ingredients that incorporate the botanicals and herbs are to be used to protect the natural equilibrium of your baby’s skin.

The correct balance of moisturizer is maintained by these natural lotions. You have to consider these while choosing the lotions:

  • The lotions should be tested by pediatricians
  • The lotions should not contain the mineral oil
  • The ph and the hypoallergenic should be correct to suit your baby’s skin
  • They should not contain the SD40 alcohols
  • They should not have the fragrance

The purpose for using the baby lotion is to moisturize and to act as a conditioner to your baby’s skin. The irritation, redness and dryness can be reduced by moisturizing the natural lotion on your baby’s skin. [Newborn Skin Conditions]

You have to use the lotions that are made of essential natural ingredients that include:


This is very popular and you can find it in many products. It gives the moisture to the tissues in the skin by penetrating deep into the skin. It acts as a cooling agent for the burns.

Aloe acts as a natural barrier in preventing the loss of moisture from evaporation. It can soothe and helps in quick healing of the wound. It has the anti-inflammatory properties.

Orange Blossom oil and orange oil

These are the natural alternatives to the ingredients that contain anti-bacterial chemicals. These oils have the calming, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

These are gentle and can soothe the delicate and sensitive skin of your baby. You can choose these oils instead of the mineral oil as ingredients in the natural skin care lotions.

Retinyl palmitate (vitamin A)

This vitamin in its normal form is great anti-oxidant for the skin of your baby. This should not be used with the man made chemical products. It should be a natural botanical source.

The vitamin A acts as a skin normalizer that keeps the skin of your baby soft. It can fight with the free radicals by penetrating into the epidermis and dermis.

Skin elasticity is provided by vitamin A. If you get rough skin due to too much exposure to the UV-rays, then it will be prevented by vitamin A.

You have to choose the baby skin care lotions that contain the natural vitamin A ingredients in it.

Take care in choosing the best and natural baby lotions that contain the natural skin care ingredients in them.


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