China Says Johnson & Johnson Baby Products Are Safe

baby productsDespite a company’s claims that their products are completely safe, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, an American based organization, has called for the exclusion of all potential harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde in baby supplies.

In China, Johnston & Johnston are allowed to include trace elements of chemicals known to be toxic.

These are usually preservatives in skin creams and other parts of their extensive newborn baby care range. Regulations in this area are often non existent in this part of the world.

This well known company has an almost 70% share of the market, estimated to be worth as a whole, a staggering 400 million dollar figure. It is standing by their products, which they state are complying with laws and are safe.

The whole situation was escalated when a large supermarket chain in Shanghai took their J&J lines off the shelves in response to a report produced by the aforementioned Safe cosmetics campaigners.

They claim that even in tiny quantities chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane can cause cancers and should be banned in this area.

The New Brunswick Company, J&J were relieved when eventually the health authorities in China announced that all the products available to Chinese consumers were deemed completely safe.

This was after intensive tests were carried out by the State Food & Drug Administration based in Beijing.

It was also reported by the Chinese press that a second national organization had also run tests. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced that they too felt there were no dangers to the general public of China.


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