Celebrate The Arrival Of Your Newborn With Gorgeous Baby Books!

Hand-Painted Princess Baby Book

For many people, particularly women who have finally realized the long held dreams of having a baby, this beautiful hand-painted princess baby book is an exclusive reward. Especially, new moms will love this beautiful, elegant and warm kind of baby book.

Each two-page spread consist an open ended questions, where you can capture the childhood of your kid. You can have a plenty a space for photographs and a hand-painted cover. This exceptional book can be your stylish alternative to “off the shelf” substitutes.

princess baby book

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Baby Memory Book by Tessera Publishing – Pink Silk

With this gorgeous baby book, you can celebrate the arrival of your newborn. This book mainly includes a combination of prompted blank pages, which make it easy for you to share your baby’s new stories.

It mainly consists of 42 pages that cover almost all topics of your child such as your pregnancy memories, the day of your baby’s birth and also home coming and many more.

If you want to add more pages, you can have various options such as photos and keep sakes in your baby’s book.

baby memory book

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