Car Seats for Toddler – How to Maximize Child Protection

Mandatory requirements for car travel are car seats for toddler, which is one way to be assured that your child is as safe as possible while in a moving vehicle.

carseats for toddlerIt is important to remember that it isn’t only the longer journeys on highways but also short distances that may result in tragic accidents; so parents should use car seats for toddler each time in the child’s interest and not because of a mandatory requirement.

Here is what you can do to get the best out of car seats for toddler-

  • Buy a good quality car seat that meets federal guidelines; this is one investment that is worth the money. Cheap or second hand car seats for toddler may be very costly in the longer duration.
  • Babies aged less than one year should be placed in the car seat facing the back which is the safest position and this position should be continued until the child is comfortable with it or until the size and construction of the car seat will allow. After one year it’s OK to turn the car seat to face forward.
  • Look for certain features when buying car seats for toddler – there should be adequate restraints built into the car seat; a five point harness is recommended for children. Also the adjustments required to be made to the belt should be easy to do and situated in the front rather than the back of the seat. Also look for a car set with a tether at the top of the seat – which hooks into the car. This makes the car seats for toddler even safer and reduces movement of the head in the case of a crash.
  • Look for car seats that are easy to install and make sure that you follow the instructions for installation properly. Statistics reveal that a majority of car seats for toddler are not installed properly and this reduces their safety and efficacy. Also make sure 80% of the base of the car seat is on the seat of the vehicle.
  • Make sure that you use the right kind of car seat given the height and weight of your baby. Car seats that are too big or too small will result in inadequate protection.
  • Be careful when washing car seats for toddler. Bleach, ironing, and high temperatures in the washing machine may damage belts and buckles; so again it is important to follow manufacturing instructions for car seat cleaning.


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