Make a Calendar for the Baby’s First Year

A calendar with the baby’s pictures from its first year would be a great way to keep memories alive; also it is a lovely way to chronicle the baby’s growth and development in the first year of its life.

A baby changes rapidly in the first year starting from a small bundle wrapped in the blanket to a very active baby that explores the whole house and all things within its reach.

Baby CalenderAs parents, we record all her milestones and achievements through pictures.

And what better way to preserve them than in the form of a calendar?

All you need are plenty of digital pictures of your baby as she grows through the year and an account at Shutterfly to upload them.

Shutterfly is great way to share pictures with grandparents, friends and family that don’t live close and would love to see the baby grow in pictures.

Shutterfly provides you with software which helps you create the calendar of your choice with as many or as few details as you would like to add to the memories of your baby.

You can start the year with an ultra sound picture or may be her first picture as a new born. Choose eleven more to go with the theme of your choice and end with maybe the baby’s first step.

You could decide to pick pictures that show your baby growing with the changing seasons, or with seasonal festivities.

You can further personalize the calendar with suitable captions for each picture; you can add in special days like family birthdays and events or add holidays that include daughter’s day, son’s day, father’s day, mother’s day or whatever else you wish for.

Shutterfly saves the calendar for you, making it easier for the next year. Also if you would like to gift these calendars to other members of the family, Shutterfly will mail it directly to them, saving you a lot of time and hassle.


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