The Things to Consider When Buying Strollers for Newborns

At first it might seem easy to find strollers for newborns but in the moment when you actually have to get one the choice doesn’t seem to be that simple anymore.

How many times will it be used?

strollers-for-newbornsYou will have to be thinking about the number of children that you are planning to have. If you would like to have more than one child, you may consider getting a multiple occupancy stroller. Also in this case look for those newborns’ strollers that are more durable so you won’t have to get another one for your next child.

Your lifestyle

In case you have an active lifestyle you have to consider newborns’ strollers that are suitable for this lifestyle. Are you going hiking? Will you go jogging? Will you be taking longer trips? Are you planning to take the baby with you?


It is important for the safety belt to be easy to latch and unlatch and also think about the comfort of the baby. The belt should be tight around the waist of the baby, but not too tight and to make sure that he or she won’t slip out of the seat, the stroller should also have some crotch straps.

In case of an active lifestyle you might want to opt for the five-point harness to make sure that the baby is safe on the rough terrain.

Seat and the canopy

In case of the strollers for newborns it is necessary for the seat to fully recline because the baby is too small to support his or her head and such strollers are comfortable even in case the little one would like to take a nap on the road. A canopy is just an extra but it is also a necessity for the newborns’ strollers because it protects the baby against the sun and the rain.

The material of the frame

There are many different materials that the frame of the stroller can be made of, including aluminum, plastic and also a mixture of different materials. If you are looking for durability regarding strollers for newborns you should opt for the ones that have steel or aluminum frames, but also take into consideration that these are heavier. If you have to move the stroller a lot opt for the plastic frames, but be aware that they aren’t very sturdy.

The fabric

When looking for newborns’ strollers keep in mind that newborns can be quite messy, so look for those strollers that have a washable seat. In many cases you can remove the seat that is made of a washable fabric.

Height of the handle

Keep in mind that the majority of the strollers for newborns have been designed for the average height. In case you are taller or shorter you must have a stroller that comes with adjustable handles.

The mechanism

Since in many cases the baby needs to be held in your arms, you should be looking for those newborn’s strollers that are easy to fold and unfold.

The truth is there is a lot to be known about strollers for newborns and picking one can be quite challenging. Before making your choice keep in mind that when you get one, you choose the most comfortable version for both your baby and you.


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