Buying Diapers For Baby? Things To Keep In Mind

diaperCertainly one of the things that an expectant mother would do well to stock up on is diapers.

Because once the baby arrives there is just so much more to do that, going to the shop to stock up will be something that you have to steal time out of your packed schedule and sleep deprived life for! So by all means stock up on diapers in advance but keep the following in mind:

Size: Babies grow really fast in the first few months of life and may well double their birth weight in just 2 or three months, so don’t buy too many of the small size diapers.

Get just a couple of months worth of the small size, most babies are ready to graduate to the medium size diapers fairly soon. So, if you get too many of the small size you may end up waiting for the next baby to be born among friends or family before getting to use them!

But get enough in any case: When it comes to breast fed babies, having a bowel movement once in three days is normal and so is having three or more bowel movements a day.

So if you had one baby who blissfully went only once every four days, don’t assume that the next one will do the same. The next one may possibly consume three times the number of diapers that baby no 1 did!


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