Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Baby Cot Beds

There is more to choosing baby cot bets than matching them with the rest of the nursery furniture. You need to look at safety features, material used to make the cot, whether it is a convertible, the type and safety of the bedding, and a whole lot besides. Here is a ready reckoner that will help you pick the right cot bed for your baby:

1. Types of baby cot beds

Cots and cribs come in a variety of styles: traditional, contemporary, Shaker, arts & crafts and so on. If you have a particular look in mind you need to consider the design style of furniture that you buy.

More practically, are you looking for a convertible cot bed that goes from infant cot to toddler bed to a full sized single bed? This would be useful if you don’t want to keep buying new items of furniture as your baby grows.

Also do you prefer the traditional rectangular shape or would you prefer round baby cot beds? And what about a canopy? Do you think you’ll need a four poster type of structure that will support a canopy over the cot?

2. Safety features

It is best not to use a hand me down crib or cot that was manufactured before 1973 before federal guidelines were laid down because they may not follow certain safety requirements. They could have lead paint, splinters and have slats that are too far apart. If they are very old they could be structurally unsound and pose baby other safety risks.

Look at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website to ensure that the crib or cot you plan to buy hasn’t been recalled.

The distance between slats should be no more than 2 3/8”. Drop sides are best avoided and in fact as of last year there has been a ban in place for baby cot beds with drop sides. The cot should have well rounded edges that will not injure baby, and no cords or decorative ribbons and strings that could pose choking or strangling hazards.

3. Other features of baby cot beds

The cot should have a feature that lets you adjust the mattress height.

Look for casters or wheels with a locking mechanism to make the bed more easily portable.

The materials used should be good quality and the cot should be structurally sound. Any wobbling, rattling is not a good sign.

4. Bedding for baby cot beds

The mattress should fit snugly into the cot with no space between it and the cot for baby to get stuck.

Cot bumpers that line the inside of the cot are often part of a bedding set, but these should be avoided because they pose suffocation hazards.

5. Other considerations to keep in mind

Consider your budget. Simple baby cot beds can be in the range of $100 to 500, but you can get ones with more bells and whistles which may cost as much as $1000. Consider whether you want to opt for sleep positioners, a teething rail, or any attachable toys for the crib.


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