Should You Buy a Wooden Baby Walker?

A baby walker is an important requirement especially because it aids in baby muscle development. With the help of a wooden baby walker, the sense of balance and coordination of the little tot is also improved. Moreover, they learn to walk by themselves. A large range of baby walkers are available in a variety of styles and help in walking, along with attributes of play.

If you have a penchant for wood, it is best to choose a baby walker made of wood which suits your baby and matches your budget and lifestyle. Among the other options, you have electronic walkers made of durable plastic with interactive features.

Wooden Baby WalkerIt should be noted here that the first baby walkers were made of wood and willow or mahogany. These are also known as walking stools, crawling chairs, baby trots etc.

Wooden walkers were popular in the 16th and 17th centuries and were advocated as an exercising and learning device.

The sit in baby walker that is made of wood is meant to help the baby sit inside a circular contraption with wheels. The baby can push the walker around with the help of their legs.

Inside, there is ample freedom of movement and babies aged between 5 and 6 months can use it to their best advantage. The wooden baby walkers are also known as push walkers and are accompanied with wheels.

The main body of the walker stands at a vertical angle or vertically with a handle which allows the baby to hold on to it for the purpose of support.

As a result of the material with which it is made, the baby walker is heavy and aids towards balancing the baby while making them work hard for support and get moving. A few models of the wooden baby walkers are available with blocks and other toys made of wood included within the principal body chamber.

Some baby walkers made of wood can be made in the form of an activity combo walker in which there is the advantage of doubling up as an activity center. Typically, the sit in walker combos characterize toys all around it.

At the activity wooden baby walker also has rattling toys which shake and make sounds as well as play phones, pop up toys or stuffed animals. Usually, the push walkers have toys which are placed in front to allow the baby to sit and play with them and once game is over, they can pull up themselves and carry on with their walking.

Traditional wooden baby walkers are ideal to help kids take their first steps. You can adjust the height with the specially designed handle and regulate the stiffness for kid safety and stability. The walker is ideal for age groups between 10 months and 3 years. The baby walker which is an old world toy is available today with innovation. The progressive tool is meant for crawlers who are transitioning into walking.

The walker develops the motor skills, balance and stimulates their sense of coordination as they push, control and stop the walker.


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