4 Best Strollers & Prams for a Baby

With a new baby comes a new stroller! Yes, no kidding. Whether you want to go for a walk or run, go for shopping or go running  errands, a stroller or a pram is a must have if you have a baby with you. Some studies state that a stroller can also help a baby to fall asleep quickly. Well, if the baby is sleeping, then you would not have any trouble doing what you want to!

As the strollers and prams depend on various factors just like everything else which may include your budget, baby size, etc so we have gathered a few for you. Listed below are 4 strollers which are not only affordable but are rated the best. This will save you from the hassle of researching, happy shopping!

4 Best Strollers & Prams for a Baby

1. Cybex Mios

Cybex Mios is one of the best city strollers you can find. You must be aware about how size matters in a city and how hard it can be to navigate crowds and corners like a pro. Well, Cybex Mios is light weight, 15.35 inch wide alluminium frame stroller which has an all wheel suspension to help you with the cityscape. It is versatile and has a 3 in 1 design which you can use as a rear or front facing stroller, a travel system or a bassinet. It comes with a leg rest which can be adjusted to three different positions and the backseat which can be positioned into 3-4 different positions. The stroller is compact along with being self-standing.

For ages: birth to 45 pounds.

2. Britax B-Agile 35 Elite

This spectacular stroller is one of the favorites of the parents. It has higher travel compatibility than any other stroller. You can snap in the car seat without any adapters & it is easily foldable. As this stroller is light weight, you can take it without any worries. The tires are foam filled and doesn’t need air. The stroller comes with level indicators & can be positioned into 5 different positions on the car seat base which makes installation easier for any type of vehicle.

For ages: Birth to 55 pounds.

3. Uppabbay Vista

As you may not know, this stroller is one of the most versatile strollers out there. It comes with several configurations and has an ability to adapt itself with the increasing needs of different sized families with ease. If you have more than one baby, then it can accommodate up to 3 babies with an extra and has a piggyback ride along board.

For ages: birth to 50 pounds

4. 4Moms Moxi

The stroller is designed for millennial parents who have an eye for all the greatest and latest techs. The stroller comes with an LCD dashboard along with a charging station. The LCD display is known to display speed, temperature, distance, time, battery life, and calories burned. Even if there’s a problem of low visibility it has pathway lights & tail lights to help you with.

For ages: birth to 55 pounds

Image Credit: honeykidsasia.com


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