The Many Benefits of a Baby Play Gym

A play gym is a kind of a toy or game for babies which are ideal for keeping them engaged for long time periods and stimulating their imagination. A play gym not only includes sounds hanging toys but also colors, lights and mirrors.

The entire game is highly entertaining for babies and is an also often attached with a comfortable mat on which babies can lie down.  While play gyms are ideal for new borns, they may also be enjoyed by babies as big as 3-6 months old. The following are some of the many benefits of a baby play gym.

many benefits of a baby play gym

An Engaging Play Area

Play gyms and mats are a very engaging and entertaining play area for the babies because not only are they colorful, clubbed with attractive sounds but also has hanging toys which can be played with by the baby.  Such toys are ideal for cranky babies and help to soothe and calm them.  The baby can easily be engaged with such toys for hours while you do your household chores side by side.

Stimulates Visual Senses

A baby play gym is a near sighted toy which the babies can see clearly.Far off toys can be blurry for the baby’s vision but such a game is great for the visual senses. It can stimulate their vision and tactile senses as well.  The bright and contrasting toy enhances the awareness skills and provides sensory stimulation as well.

Improves Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination

Another benefit of a baby play gym is that it improves the hand-eye coordination since the holding and grasping skills of a baby are dominated by the baby’s reflexes.  When the baby continuously plays with such a game, his/her fine motor skills too are developed and improved.  When the baby turns about 5-6 months of age, he/she begins to learn to control his/her reflexes and grasp items.

Promotes Self-Discovery

Play gyms have small baby proof mirrors which promote self-discovery but only for babies between 3to 5 months of age.  At this age, babies start noticing themselves in the mirrors and respond to the images in the mirrors.

Portability and Safety

Such a game is highly portable and safe to use. It can be disassembled when you are visiting another place or a friend’s house. It is modeled in a way which makes it absolutely safe for babies to play with.


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