Baby Teething Products That Are Harmful To Your Child

Baby teething is a stage in an infant’s life where they chew on anything they can get a hold on. It is always nice to see your child grow and play around the house knowing that he/she is enjoying. As children, they do not know any better and they just allow innocence to play its part. Parents should always make sure that their baby is safe regardless of what they are doing and what they are playing with.

baby teethingOne specific stage a parent should watch out for is when they start baby teething. If parents are careful enough to keep away objects that they do not want their baby to chew on, then this should not pose as a problem.

In general, when a child enters the stage of baby teething, they cannot help themselves and naturally have to bite on something. It is not like the baby actually wants to bite on things, but it is something that they have to go through because their first set of teeth are about to come out and they feel discomfort in their gums.

The natural reaction on parents when baby teething occurs is to buy them teething toys to help ease discomfort. It is also a good way to promote colors and shapes since they usually come as toys. The problem with baby teething toys is that we can never be too safe considering there may be harmful agents that could be in those toys.

Harmful baby teething products should be a top concern for responsible parents. Here are some of the examples of harmful products:

Doll teething products with uncertified fabrics

These baby teething products may prove to be very harmful to your baby especially if fabrics such as cotton are not certified. Parents would have no idea of the amount of the chemicals used in manufacturing these dolls. Imagine every bite your child makes is like biting into a chemical cake.

Toys that have metal contents in them

These baby teething toys that have metal components may expose the child to lead. Lead, in general, is not good for a child because it may cause serious complications, which symptoms are very hard to determine in the long run. Symptoms such as hyperactivity and poor reaction times are just some of the few that parents should watch out for. They may lead to comas and even death if too much exposure of lead happens.

Toys with too much paint and poor plastic content

Parents should remember that they cannot control the pressure babies exert in chewing their toys. If the toy is of poor quality, parents should be aware that paint and plastic residues might come off which their babies will definitely swallow unknowingly. Chemical contents such as these may cause serious effects as well, especially in the long run.

Perhaps parents should research more about other harmful baby teething toys that they buy for their children. It will not hurt to be sure and safe when doing so. Simple details such as baby teething toys are one of the things that parents take for granted.


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