Why You Need Baby Sleep Bags

Baby sleep bags are also known as sleep huggers and baby sleep sacks. These are just the right choice for kids who kick off the bed covers at night, and help parents reduce risks of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome as against the conventional bed covers.


What Are Baby Sleep Bags?

The sleeping bags for babies are flexible blankets that can be used in lieu of conventional bedding and can keep baby warm during the night. These are available for kids up to 5 years of age in miscellaneous fabrics and weights to cater to the climate and season. Here are some of the advantages of using these baby sleeping bags:

  • Helps your child maintain a consistent temperature, irrespective of their level of activity
  • Less waking up at night as a result of cold
  • You can use them when traveling
  • Putting kids in the sleeping bag is a signal for them to settle down and gets them to sleep
  • The sleep bag or sack offers a sense of security
  • Appropriate fitting of bags do not slip on the head as is the case for traditional blankets
  • Baby sleep bags prevent the feet of your tiny one from getting stuck in the bars of their cradle or crib
  • Eczema prone babies are not encouraged to scratch
  • Older kids are unable to climb out of the crib

The sleeping bags for babies prevent cold or overheating and this is why parents should go for things which are neither too hot, nor too cold. You should ensure that the baby is not uncovered during sleep and that you do not have to wake up always to have them covered.

While buying a sleeping bag for your little one, go for something that is soft and easily washable. The zipper should be safe and must not scratch the child. Avoid bands that can be lifted easily as these might suffocate the child.

Do not go for baby sleep bags that have inbuilt quilts in them as it can make your child feel too hot inside. It is best to opt for one that has a cotton lining within as it keeps the child snug and cozy. This sort of a sleeping bag makes room for the escape of excess moisture and heat while baby is sleeping. Finally, go for a size which is appropriate for your kiddy’s age.

Safety Issues

While sleeping bags are ideal for babies, it is advised that they are not used for children less than 4 months. Make sure that the bag fits your child well to prevent them from slipping down in the sack. You should additionally follow the manufacturer guidelines. Make sure that the sleeping bag has deep arm holes for ventilation and stop overheating. The sleep sack should be made of substances which are ideal for your climate and season.

The baby sleep bags can be ideal if you want to travel, because they engender comfortable sleep during the trip. The bags should be chosen carefully so as not to harm your kids’ health.


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