9 Eco-Friendly Baby Carriers and Wraps

– Wrap up your baby with fun and stylish eco-friendly baby carriers and slings!

Don’t compromise style by carrying your baby in a frumpy carrier or baby sling. Instead, check out these show-stopping baby carriers, wraps, and seats.

1. Angel Pack

Why be boring when you can carry your baby around in a fashionable baby wrap? Made with organic and fair trade materials, AngelPacks can be purchased as either baby slings or baby carriers and come in a variety of sizes. Choose from fun prints that suit your personality and style.

baby carriers

2. Beco Baby Carrier

Here’s another company creating baby carriers that even dad will be proud to wear, with a variety of prints and styles to choose from.

baby carriers

They even have a custom collection you can access to design your own personalized baby carrier. They strive to have a minimal environmental impact by creating quality products in a sustainable way.

3. Storchenwiege

These Storchenwiege Ring Slings can be almost as beautiful as dresses with their vibrant colors, flowing fabrics, and interesting draping options. Look through their catalog and you’ll soon find a wide range of styles and options to suit every personality. Choose one made with organic cotton to get the best green bang for your buck.

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4. Mei Tai Baby

Whether you like it simple or enjoy dynamic prints, you’ve got a whole host of options to choose from with the Mei Tai Baby collection.

baby carriers

These comfy baby carriers are made with extra long angled straps, adjustability, trip-layer body with triple-stitching, and a seamless appearance for style and function. Even better, they each come with three fabric interchangeable panels to swap out, to suit your mood or outfit.

5. Boba Baby Carrier

Made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and organic cotton canvas, the Boba Baby Carriers are an excellent choice for Americans looking for carriers that are hip and fashionable, too.

baby wraps

Removable, patent-pending foot straps, removable sleeping hood, and other amazing features make this very functional and beautiful. Baby slings also have adjustable pouches and shoulder straps.


The BABYBJORN-Barsele-Active-Organic is another excellent eco-friendly choice for choosy green parents. Constructed with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 organic cotton, this one is highly user-friendly and comfortable.

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Has broad, padded straps, provide optimum weight distribution, and can be adapted for older children as well.

7. Wilkinet Baby Carriers

A carrier that will adapt to your baby’s changing needs, the Wilkinet can carry a baby from 2.5 kg (5 lb) to 7 kg (14 lb). It can be used as either a wraparound shawl around Mom or as a snugly, used between trips.

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They’re endorsed by osteopaths and physiotherapists and work well for hippy moms of all types.

8. Taga Bikes

And if you need two wheels (or three!), then why not try out one of these Taga Bikes? Not only will they get you into shape, they’ll save carbon dioxide emissions too, which is a very sustainable way to travel.

baby carrier

They convert from a 3-wheeled bike to a stroller in about 20 seconds and can carry one or two children, plus other cargo, at the same time. Made of quality, safe materials, the Taga bikes are stable and stylish. Add rain covers, car seat adaptors, and even side bags to make your life easier.

9. ShuttleBug Baby Carriers

Here’s another mobile carrier for you and your kids. Named one of the Top 5 kid/cargo bikes by Treehugger, the ShuttleBug, handmade in Portland, is a great way to cart your kids and stuff around. It’s a lightweight frame that’s easy to assemble and secure and is created to be safe and secure.

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