Baby Bottles That Do Not Encourage Leak And Drip!

Non-drip polypropylene bottles (3 pack)

Non-drip polypropylene bottlesThis non-drip polypropylene bottle is a no-spill bottle and the nipple present in it won’t leak or drip.

The anti-colic air system which is present in the nipples prevents baby from the ingesting air.

The teething nubs of these bottles stimulate and massage the gums of your baby and assists in the eruption of the teeth.

The liquid flow rate of your baby can be controlled by the Vari-Flo valve. The capacity of this bottle is 11oz and it is top-rack dishwater safe. These bottles are available 3 per pack with different assorted colors and these are BPA free.

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3-Stage Grow Nurser:

This is a reusable plastic baby bottle with soft sipper spout, silicon nipple and a handle.

The size of this bottle is 9oz and it is made with break-resistant and non toxic plastic. Non-drip, leak-proof nipple prevents your baby from ingesting air, which can cause gas.

The dimples which are present in the nipple gently massage your baby’s gums and also aids in the eruption of the teeth.

3-Stage Grow NurserSipper spout of this bottle aids in transition from bottle to cup. It is easily removable and baby can hold this more conveniently as it consists of handles on both the sides.

You can mark and read easily the number of ounces consumed by your baby with the help of the easy to read markers present on the top of the bottle.

This bottle includes bottle hood for travelling purpose and it is available in all assorted primary colors.

Some other features of this bottle are Easy to hold and designed to adapt to your growing baby, this well-designed nursing bottle promises an end to leaks and messes.

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