Baby Bath Products – What Does the Baby Really Need?

There is much in the way of baby bath products that you can buy – this can make bath times fun and enjoyable for baby and mommy as well. But there isn’t a whole lot that the baby does actually need for cleanliness and hygiene.

Read on to find out what baby bath products are actually essential and what may be great fun to have but superfluous otherwise –

Baby Bath Products


Your basic requirements are gentle soap and shampoo. It is best to use unscented, mild products that are least likely to irritate baby’s delicate skin. After the bath slather on some barrier cream in the diaper area and you baby should be ready for a nice nap.

These are essential but you may want to also get some gentle baby lotion to keep baby’s skin from chapping or drying.

Many mothers find it beneficial to give babies a nice massage before a bath. For this natural unscented options such as olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil may work best.

Baby bath products such as bubble bath may be suitable only for older babies who can sit unassisted and toddlers who can manage at least some parts of the bathing ritual by themselves.

Baby bathtub and towel

At first consider if you have a large sized basin about the home that can be used as a baby’s first bathtub. You can even bathe baby in the kitchen sink and use a baby bather for this. These baby bath products are designed like a supportive chair that can be immersed into the sink.

If not you may want to consider getting one of those tubs that snugly hold a small baby while keeping the head elevated. Many of these tubs can be the fold-away kind, and yet others can be the infant to toddler adjustable kind which can accommodate a growing baby for longer.

The baby bath products that may be considered a must are baby towels that are soft and gentle on a baby’s skin, preferably with an interesting pattern and color and a built in hood for drying baby’s head.

Bath toys

There is little that you need, but much that you will be tempted to buy. Very small babies may show no interest in bath toys, much less hold and play with them. It will only be later they may actually play with them. If the baby bath tub you buy has some built in toys you may not want to get any more actual bath toys, otherwise you can get some floating rubber duckies, one of those plastic books that can be read by baby and which also warn you about too-hot water by changing color.

Bath accessories

You may decide to get some amusing items like a soap pot in the shape of Winnie the Pooh, a bath storage basket to organize all of baby’s bath stuff, or an adorable tiny little bathrobe for baby. Other useful baby bath products could be a kneeler, which could be very useful if you plan to bathe baby in your own larger tub.


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