Avoid Baby Equipment Made Of Toxic Chemicals!

Baby equipmentHave you seen about the toxic chemicals used in the baby equipment, toys and baby bottles in the news?

There is an evidence that these chemicals disrupt the endocrine system of the body (that controls the growth and hormones) and can cause the dreadful diseases like cancer.

So, these chemicals should be substituted with chemicals that are safe to use and these chemicals have to be banned.

Generally, for manufacturing baby equipments like the plastic toys, plastic (polycarbonate) feeding bottles and cot mattress, these chemicals are used.

Your children can ingest these toys made of harmful chemicals, which can build harmful levels in the bodies of your baby. But, some manufacturers are ignoring it and still they are manufacturing the equipments that contain the toxic chemicals. [Selecting the right baby toys].

Here are four groups of chemicals that are used for manufacturing house hold goods. The concern about these chemicals has been expressed by the campaigner of the environment.

Organotin compounds

To stabilize the PVC, these chemicals are used. These can be found in baby equipment with harder PVC and vinyl flooring. In animals, some hormonal changes are caused due to these chemicals.


These are the chemicals commonly found in the baby equipment and used for softening the PVC plastic. Phthalates build up in your body or your baby’s body according to the research.

The development of reproductive organs is damaged by these chemicals when tests are conducted on animals. These are used for teething rings and baby’s dummies.

But, these chemicals are still used in manufacturing squeezy toys, soft plastic toys and the bath toys. There is a possibility for your child to ingest them to a large extent.

Brominated flame retardants

The household furnishings like cot mattress, mattress, buggies and pramas are made by the brominated flame retardants, so that they are less flammable. These can be absorbed into your baby’s body as they leach out and are found in breast milk and blood.

These chemicals also act as disrupter of hormones and can lead to cancer, disabilities in learning, changed immune system and miscarriage.

Bisphenol A

The feeding bottles of your baby are made with this chemical. When the bottle cracks, this chemical can leach into the milk.

You can protect your child, if you avoid the equipment of your baby made of these chemicals.

You should not buy the PVC toys. Check the toys whether they contain the organotin compounds or phthalates by seeing their labels.

Buy new mattress for each child, you should not pass them to siblings. The cracked or broken feeding bottles should be thrown out and buy new bottles.

You have to avoid the baby equipment made by the harmful and toxic chemicals that can harm the health of your baby.


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