Amazing Designer Products For Newborn Babies

Be very careful when selecting clothing accessories and other nursery items for your baby.

Using any unsafe products can lead to undesired problems for your kid, so be cautious when purchasing fancy or designer products for your newborn baby.

Missy Mink Pink Baby Booties!

Does your baby really need shoes[Baby Shoes] or are they just for appearance? Depending on the requirement, there are a wide range of shoe collections for your baby. These adorable designer baby booties add a stylish touch to your baby’s feet.

Specially designed with silky woven polyester blends, these beautiful booties are available in different sizes. Always remember, when selecting shoes for your baby, it is very important to get the size that fits. [ via ]

Baby Ellie Crib Shoes!

This beautifully hand-stitched wool felt crib shoes look adorable with their hand-embroidered baby elephants and dangling tails.

Sage green ribbons are tied to the exteriors of these adorable wool felt shoes. Pink cotton gingham is stitched inside the shoes to provide warmth and comfort for a soft and sensitive baby foot. [ via ]


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