Always Use Natural Baby Skin Care Products For Your Baby’s Beautiful Skin!

Baby Skin Care ProductBaby skin care needs to be paid special attention to. Your baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive than that of the adults.

There are different baby skin care products available in the market. Among them five are mostly used for newborns.

The soap is mostly used to clean the baby while bathing. Usually the plain water is enough, but for better cleaning you can use a small amount of soap.

Other wise use the mild soap having coconut, palm oil or olive oil.

Calendula (anti-bacterial soap), an herbal extract can also be used. After soaping, lotion with saturated oils such as sesame or coconut or soothing oils is used to replenish the oil of skin.

It can also be done with the herbs like arnica or calendula. But some babies are sensitive to the herbs.

Bubble bath is not safe for the new born babies. The products of bubble bath are made up of detergents that destroy the useful bacteria.

The bubble bath also causes infections of urinary tract and vaginitis in infants. This problem made the Food and Drug Administration to rule out the bubble baths.

Shampoo must be done depending upon the amount of hair and whether it is oily. Babies having thin hair should not be shampooed very often. You can use a mild shampoo in such case. [Natural Baby Shampoo]

Some shampoos containing triethanolamine or diethanolamine that interact with nitrates should be avoided which penetrate deep into the skin.

Some of preservatives include vitamin C, E and A, citrus seed extract and phenoxyethanol.

Lotions and oils used for skin care:

Massaging baby’s skin with lotions and oils can relieve irritation. See that the healing herbs are present in lotion or oil.

Aloe and Chamomile are best used for soothing and moisturizing and they are safe for cosmetics. Skin care products can cause much harm than cure. Luckily, we are having natural alternatives for better skin care.

According to the recent report, about 75% of the newborn babies suffer with rashes. This can be due to the use of artificial baby skin care products applied to your babies.

The baby must be bathed by warm water. Buttocks and genitals of baby should be wiped by using soft cloth made of cotton.

Baby powder for skin care:

Most of the baby powders containing talc cause irritation and in certain cases it can cause cancer. So, these powders should be avoided.

The powders (no talc) are used only in some places like underarms, neck and genital area. Scent-free powders like bentonite clay or cornstarch are best ones to be used.

Powders are used to cure diaper rashes. The rashes can be cured by fresh air that is allowed to the bottom of the baby. Pediatrician advice parents not to use the products with petroleum jelly as they trap moisture and cause common allergen.

These are the various baby skin care products available in the market for better and soft skin.


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