6 Essential Tips To Buy Safe Baby Rattles!

safe baby rattlesRattles are the first things that a baby possesses after the birth. Whenever you think of a happy and cheerful baby, you will first imagine a rattle in your baby’s hands.

The thing you need to ensure is the rattle should be safe and proper and it is the first priority for your baby’s caregiver.

Safety instructions that you need to consider before buying baby rattles:

Step 1:
Before buying the baby rattles, make sure that they are unopened and are safe for your baby. Old or recycled toys consist of poisonous paints or the pieces detached from the main one. This causes risk for your baby [Selecting safe baby toys].

Step 2:
Ensure that the baby rattles come all in one piece. The rattle ends should not be smaller than 2 inches.

Step 3:
The baby rattles that you choose must stimulate your child. So, it is better to choose vibrant colored rattles for visual stimulation. The rattle should make noise for auditory stimulation and it must be textured in order to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch.

Step 4:
Buy various kinds of baby rattles for different age groups. Newborn babies are incapable to hold the rattle and shake it like an older infant. But, it doesn’t mean that your baby cannot enjoy the rattle.

You can use wrist rattles that are attached to your baby’s wrist and sock rattles that slide on socks but have rattles inside them to your newborn baby. Whenever your baby shakes the hands or feet, he/she can hear the rattle sound.

Step 5:
Choose the baby rattles that are appropriate for your child’s age. As your baby grows, there is a chance to hit self with the rattle. So, you need to ensure that the rattle is soft and it will not cause any harm to your baby even your baby hits self with the rattle.

Step 6:
If your baby is teething, it is better to purchase teething rattles. But, you need to cool the teething baby rattles in the refrigerator. Cooler part of the rattle helps to soothe your baby during the teething process.

You can also gift the baby rattles as newborn baby gifts for your friends or family members. You will find great choices while selecting the rattle like: Soft baby rattles, wood rattles, organic rattles, and metal rattles. Your baby will definitely have fun with specially designed rattles.


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