Did you know the Blood Bike Group Delivers Breast Milk?

Every day our national hospitals and health centres face logistical crises, as much-needed supplies must be transported all over the country to those who need them most. One such in-demand item is blood, which is where the charity Blood Bikes gets its name from.

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) is a registered charity which helps ease the financial burden placed on the health authorities just to transport these vital supplies – but it isn’t just blood which keeps their volunteers pumping around the heart of Great Britain; the Blood Bikers also ferry around medical documents such as x-rays and other scans, as well as breast milk.

blood bike group delivers breast milk

Hopefully, in the coming years, the recent enactment of the affordable care act (ACA) will evolve to help alleviate the financial burden, not only on mothers in need, but also on the health authorities as well.

Some new mothers are naturally more productive than others, and in case of an urgent shortfall in the stuff the little one needs, Blood Bikes are also on hand to make sure that it gets to where it’s needed the most.

The NABB has local chapters reaching out to more than 85% of the UK population, coverage which means that much of the country’s logistical nightmares can be solved with the help of just a few good men and their machines.

Breast milk contains all the nutrients and antibodies that a growing baby needs to help boost their immune system, which is why it’s tragic to hear that there are some out there which couldn’t get what they need without the help of organisations like Blood Bikes.

Although seen as a very important factor in supporting the community,each local Blood Bikes chapter gets by on sponsorship and donations alone – the latest addition to the fleet is based in Manchester, filling the urgent demand for transport in the Greater Manchester region.

This chapter was able to get started with bikes supplied by the David Schofield Foundation Trust, as well as generous donations from motorbike insurance company Carole Nash. With charitable donations always welcome, the Blood Bikes fleet continues its mission to provide help where it’s needed most, whether blood, breast milk or many things in between.

Photo Credit By: lotterygoodcauses.org.uk


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