Things a Baby Needs Checklist – Find Out What To Expect

When getting ready for the arrival of a baby, there are a lot of things that the parents have to think about, including the things a baby needs checklist.

It is a good idea to come up with a checklist because this way you can be sure that you won’t forget anything that is on the list and the little one will have everything he or she needs.

Things a Baby Needs Checklist


If you are thinking about the clothing that the baby needs, you should always think in advance for trimesters. During the first trimester the little one should have 5-7 onesies, 5-7 shirts, 5-7 pull on pants or leggings, about 5 outer layers, two hats, booties, socks, snowsuit and mittens and a few sleepers or pajamas.


In case you are preparing the list of things a baby needs, one of the most important things that you have to consider are the diapers. Naturally you will need the diapers, but besides them you should also have wipes, a diaper bag, diaper rash cream, liners and a diaper pail.

Baby gear

The things a baby needs checklist also involves items that will make your job easier. These involve a baby carrier, car seat, stroller, a stroller sack, play yard or a portable crib. Such items will make sure that you can carry your baby around and that the baby will be safe.

Feeding in the early stages

The women thinking about this part of the list of the things that the baby needs they have to consider whether they will bottle feed the baby or breastfeed. They might need a feeding or nursing pillow, breast pump, breastfeeding accessories, pumping accessories, bottles, burp cloths, bottle brushes and formula.


As the baby gets older, the things a baby may need checklist changes a bit. When it comes to feeding you will have to think about a highchair, baby spoons, bowls, sippy cups, splat mat, bibs, and a baby food maker. Naturally you could use some other items as well when feeding the little one.

Baby entertainment

If you are considering the list of things that the baby needs remember that the babies learn through entertainment. It is good to have a few pacifiers, play mat, bouncy seat and so on.

Of course you can add some other items too to the things a baby needs checklist.


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