The Unnecessary Baby Essentials!

Baby essentials are products which are required in order to take complete care of your baby, who is your bundle of joy. It is understood that you do not want to compromise on anything which is related to the care of your baby, but at the same time, you need to understand what is necessary for your baby and what is just an additional product and not really a necessity. Read more to know what is essential and what is not, so that you can filter out your list of baby essentials. Read below:


Dressing tables:

You can absolutely do without a changing table, which is just an added luxury. You can change the baby anywhere instead of the changing table and such décor is just an added expense on your wallet.

Wipe warmers:

It is not really necessary to use cold wipes for your babies and it is not harmful for the baby too. Hence, wipe warmers are not really essential for your baby.

Diaper genie:

It is not needed because diapers do not need any contraption. You can instead put them in a grocery bag or a garbage disposal bag and put them off outside your house.

Big lanolin containers:

You can easily do with the basic equipment like bottles and pumps for breast feeding and the hospitals give you enough to do during your breast feeding phase. If you still want one, you can buy the smaller size.

Bottle warmers:

It is okay to have a bottle at the room temperature as you would already be warming up the milk a little and the babies are absolutely okay with bottles being at room temperature.

Bottle sterilizers:

You can easily sterilize the bottles by boiling them in hot water and hence, bottle sterilizers are not required as many moms claim that it is not really a product to be bought.

Baby bathrobes:

Though they are really cute, you can absolutely do without them. You can use a towel to wipe your baby after a bath but it is indeed not an essential and can be bought only if you are keen on buying something just to make your baby look cute after having a bath.

Baby shoes:

Again, they are really adorable but most of the babies only wear socks. Hence if you want to dress up your baby, you can buy them but otherwise, you can easily do only with having socks.


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