Reasons Why your New Born Baby Needs Colostrums

Colostrum is first secretion or first breast milk produced by the mother after giving birth. Colostrum is rich in antibiotics and one of the primary reasons why it is the best food for your newborn. This is something that your body starts producing during the fourth month of pregnancy. Though your body produces it in small quantity but this power packed secretion is the best suited feed for your bundle of joy. In the beginning days after you have given birth, your child’s need is relatively small and is the best suited for colostrums.

On an average your body produces 50 millilitres of colostrums in the initial 48 hours to 72 hours. As the baby grows, its need increases and gradually this thick golden coloured breast milk or colostrums is replaced with normal breast milk. The benefits of colostrums for your newborn baby are listed below.

new born baby needs colostrums

Benefits of Colostrum for Newborn Babies

  • Colostrums being rich in antibiotics act as the initial and primary vaccine for your newborn. It protects the baby from different kinds of diseases and illness.
  • This is the perfect food for your newborn. Colostrum is thick in density and can be easily digested by your baby.
  • Colostrums actually copes your baby’s body for the mature breast milk that your newborn will start receiving after the first or initial 42 hours to 72 hours.
  • Colostrums being rich in leukocytes – the protective or fighter white blood cells helps to shield and protect your baby’s body from different harmful viral and bacterial infections and / or diseases. The antibodies present in it shield the baby from severe respiratory infections like bronchitis, pneumonia, and infections relating to ear and stomach.
  • Colostrum also acts as a cleanser tonic for your new born baby. It cleans the baby’s body from excess of bilirubin thereby reducing the chances of it being affected by jaundice.
  • It is rich in minerals like calcium and zinc and also in vitamins like B6, B12, A and K. These minerals and vitamins are an important ingredient for the development and growth of your baby’s overall body.
  • Having cholesterol, colostrums is essential for the growth and development of your newborn’s nervous system.
  • The baby also gets energy from colostrums as it contains high amount of sugar.

Thus, colostrum is undoubtedly the appropriate first food for your child and all doctors strictly prescribe feeding a new born with breast milk for the first 6 months so that the little one gets all the needed nutrition at the right time.


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