What Will You Name Your Baby? Things To Keep In Mind

One of the most exciting prospects for a new or expectant parent is that of naming their baby. Baby name hunting is probably one of the most indulged pass times for expectant parents.

Baby name choosing is an important exercise; one that will have bearing on the baby’s entire life. Anyone who was teased in school for having a particular name will testify to just how important a name can be.

Make it different but do be careful: Many of us have an understandable desire to give an unusual, one of a kind name to our children. The parent/s may have an ordinary or common name or perhaps it may just stem for the parents’ desire for their child’s name to be memorable or unique.

Also some names have more exclusive or aristocratic cache as perceived by the parents, owing to which they may want to give their child a particular name. Fair enough, you don’t want the name of your child to be mixed up with a few others of the same name in their class.

But remember you also don’t want your child to be picked on in school because they have a frankly unpronounceable name. There are really a lot of traditional names out there that are simply beautiful, quaint and unusual; the sort that are not difficult but still unique.

Honor someone in the family: Sometimes it pays to look around in the family for suitable names. Even uncles, aunts and grandparents may have lovely names that you could name your child after. This is a particularly good idea if there is someone in the family that you particularly look up to or are close to.

Sometimes traditional, not too long names may work really well for your child. Many traditional names may not now be so common, and you could well have that exclusivity for your child that you wanted anyway.

Your baby can later make up his or her own very exclusive name: In the internet age of avatars and aliases where people make up different handles for their different social networking tools, you child will have plenty of chances to make up interesting and truly different names for himself of herself.

You don’t really have to make up a name based on an amalgam of the names of the parents or based on an exotic location where the baby was conceived etc.

So get creative if you want, but choose with care, and it could me something that your child will thank you for.


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