What Are Celebrities Naming Their Newborn Babies?

It isn’t just celebrity watchers who get interested in this; any new parents or parents to be may be interested in the myriad possibilities when it comes to naming a newborn baby.

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer named her newborn daughter, Cosima Violet. Her older children are named Caspar and Clementine.

bethenny frankel with baby brynReality TV star Bethany Frankel recently gave birth to Bryn Casey Hoppy and is already able to see similarities between her baby and herself: her baby has long ‘ET’ toes just like the mother she says.

Amy Adams, star of Julie and Julia and Enchanted, and her fiancé, Darren Legallo, must have searched high and low before coming up with the distinctly unusual name Aviana Olea for their daughter born just a couple of weeks back.

Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane, and wife Rebecca Gayheart, had decided to go the other way though.

They decided not to name their little girl right away when she was born in March. Rather they waited to make sure the name stuck and came up with Billie Beatrice.

Some months back, Sandra Bullock gave birth to a baby boy who was honored with the name Louis, in memory of the Jazz icon of yesteryears, Louis Armstrong.

You may find more celebrity baby names here or this may just be entertaining reading for you!


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