Wacky Baby Names Anyone?

Most of us would like to know what the celebs are naming their babies these days, either because we may choose to emulate our favorite celebs or just for the sake of information.

Like it or not, celebrities naming their children does have an impact on people, even starting a trend in a lot of cases.

wacky baby namesAnd it isn’t just baby names that celebs have selected for their own new born babies that people are interested in. Some just want to have unusual names for the sake of novelty, or at times for no reason other than a momentary whim to be regretted later.

Sheryl Crowe adopted a baby recently and named him Levi James, which will be the addition to the family, which already has 3 year old Wyatt. Nice mainstream names, but here are some that are just far out:

  • Puppy – a great, if generic name for a canine in the home, but for a baby? you have to wonder about the parents.
  • Gift – Yes the parents may think the baby to be a gift from God and all, but imagine the child having to explain that to someone who asks ‘Huh?’
  • Then there are other off beat sounding names such as Unity, Shy, Heaven and Echo and Stone; enough to make anyone wonder if the parents were, well; stoned? They may have sounded like a good idea at the time but try and imagine the problems the kid will face at school.
  • Then there are the brand conscious parents who name their children anything from Armani and Denim to Diesel and Porsche. Diesel and Denim? Really; what were the parents thinking!
  • Many parents seem compelled to immortalize their hero worship of certain celebrities by naming their children accordingly. Rooney, Bowie and Cobain are some strange choices that are perhaps meant to indicate musical and sporting preferences of the parents, and never mind the baby having to explain their name throughout their life!
  • As for liking certain colors, and yes there is the odd singer or two named after the color Pink and so on, but do you really think that the child of the parents who named him (or her?) Maroon, will forgive them?
  • Then there are the really random names such as Zowie and Bean which may seem really cute on that cuddly little bundle, but what about as a hulking teen or a grown up? Not so much!


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