Unusual Baby Name Ideas

A severe tropical cyclone called Cyclone Yasi had hit northern Queensland in Australia just a few days ago, causing considerable destruction and damage.

newbornAnd one Australian couple decided to use the name of the cyclone in an unusual manner – born to Terri-lee Levi and partner Michael Blackley, a baby girl was named Yasi after the cyclone that made such a devastating impact around the time of her birth.

Naming a newborn baby after a life altering event such as a cyclone or tornado, is one baby name idea that parents can use. Some other ideas could be –

  • The name of the place where the parents met, or where the child was conceived or similar. Any place that is significant to the couple for a special reason could form the name for the child – Dakota, Adelaide, Sydney, India, China, and so on are popular names based on actual places.
  • Sometimes a name can be a unique combination made up of the part of the mother and father’s names – for instance, if the mother is called Stacey and the father is Joseph, then the baby girl could be Josie!
  • Or parents could choose a name that they hope their child will take after – Serenity, Hope, Happy are good names too.


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