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Selecting unique baby names is a big deal. It is one of the most important things that you should consider, and it is by far one of the most unforgettable things that you could ever do for your child.

Most of the parents spend many hours in preparing the nursery, buying toys, and other things for their baby, attending child birth classes and sessions without even thinking for what name will they create for their child.

Some parents will decide their child’s name within a matter of seconds after the baby is born.

However simple it looks, selecting unique baby names is a difficult task. Names are representation of a person’s existence and identity.

Your baby will bear it for a life time. So, a well chosen and unique baby name will impart a sense of satisfaction and pride for your child’s lifetime.

Because of this, finding the right and unusual baby names is crucial and it is a vital factor on how your baby will be known for the rest of his life. It can be exciting and enjoyable. You should not pick a name that would drive your child to hide in his closet.

While, there are a lot of things to weigh out when choosing unique baby names. It is possible that you have a long list of names before you finally figure out and settle on a particular one.

There are many possibilities to miss the unique baby names, if you have given a chance to choose from out of the tens of thousands of baby names.

So the question is how and what are the most brilliant suggestions for naming a baby that could help soon-to-be parents decide on calling their child? The below mentioned tips are useful for you while selecting unusual baby names.

1. Collect the thoughts… ask the expert!

Most of the parents usually settle on a name that first exploded into their minds. Well, it can be a helpful consideration that most names that first came into your minds are the names that you really like for your child. Though, this is not always the case.

Sometimes the first name that you think of may sound silly or funny; most of them may not even fit with their surnames. So, instead of jumping immediately into a doubtful decision, it is best to collect the ideas first by perhaps asking the experts.

As you already know that, the name choices today are stumbling with over a thousand of common names and these names differ according to sounds and spelling.

So, before you choose unique baby names from these tens of thousands, start doing your homework first.

You can find a lot of different baby names books in the market. You can also find a number of baby name software programs that could give you ideas on what to name for your child.

You can check out for these software programs either online through those baby name sites or offline through those baby name stores.

When talking about online, the internet is highly available for you to make use of. So if you know how to operate your computer and you have an internet connection, then start using the cyberspace for gathering ideas and suggestions to choose unique baby names.

Note all the names that best appeal to you; somewhere in the middle of your pregnancy start sorting out some of your favorites.

2. Don’t get your skates on! Take your time

One of the worst things that you could do while choosing new baby names for your child is to hurry into it, thinking that your baby is soon to be born and you don’t have a name yet for him or her.

The idea here is that not to hurry on deciding for a name. Take your time. Nothing is too late.

Don’t forget that settling for the second best may greatly affect you and of course your child for a lifetime. Your child will carry the unique baby names for a life time that you have addressed him or her on his or her everyday dealings.

So if a certain name abruptly popped into your mind and you are not happy with it, then there is no reason for you to commit yourself to that first name.

Do some homework or keep on searching and settle only if you really find different baby names that you are more than hundred percent happy with. Always remember that there is no deadline for getting a name for your baby.

Some of the parents in fact have been known to wait for about two to three weeks before deciding on the unique baby names.

3. Think for compatibility and consistency

compatabilityWell, you have started finding the names that you think.

The next thing you have to do is make sure that the new baby names you chose has a sense of compatibility and consistency.

The idea here is the name’s compatibility in terms of sound with your last name. Start mixing or matching the first name and the middle name along with your last name and see how a variety of combinations appear to you.

Observe that whether the new baby names sound great or not. Try to say it loudly and ask yourself if the name you picked sounds pleasant to the ear. Remember one thing that your baby will hear that name again and again and you will have to say it over and over again.

A different way to create unique baby names based on compatibility is to use it in sentences aside from saying it aloud. This will give you a better idea of how much you really love the name.

And don’t forget to see whether the unusual baby names really look great on a paper or not.

Most of the experts said that, there are names that look great when written on paper, but do not sound that great.

Away from compatibility with sound, you can also choose uncommon baby names based on the spelling. Spelling is also a great matter of concern.

Note that the names that are complicated to spell make your child’s life difficult before he/she enters the school. The idea here is to consider the vowels and consonants in the unusual baby names.

  • If your last name is multi-syllabic, then it is better not to pick a first name with a number of syllables.
  • In addition, don’t select the first name that ends with a vowel if for example your name begins with a vowel and if the name you choose rhymes with your last name, disregard it.
  • Most of all don’t prefer unique baby names that can be spelled as a word or can create an acronym. If that occurs, your child would no doubt be a subject of ridicule.

Along with spelling consider pronunciation of the baby name. Pronunciation is really a challenge and it goes hand in hand with spelling.

If the unique baby names are hard to pronounce, chances are it would be hard to spell. So, never make your child’s life difficult with names that are hard to pronounce and hard to spell.

4. The meaning of the unique baby names is a big matter of concern

Do you know the meaning of your name? If not, then start knowing the meaning of baby names. Do you prefer your big, strong boy bear a name that means “pretty flower”?

Consider that though name meaning may sound less important, it does a big deal. So it is then necessary to create different baby names that contain a positive meaning for the reason that it sometimes be associated with personality or character of your child.

Ensure that the unique baby name you have created for your child has a pleasant origin. So, if possible, try to decide for a name that has positive meaning. Choose the unique baby names that are associated with good qualities and desirable traits that you wish your child should possess.

However, it is not an easy task to create a name that is associated with good qualities or traits.

If you have selected unusual baby name that means “kind”, for instance, then it follows that you must teach and show your child the virtue of kindness. Raise him or her up with kindness in your heart, in your mind, and in your deeds.

If the meaning of the unique baby name is “brave”, then you should also show the difference between braveness and foolishness to your child for him or her to deserve such name.

How to know the meaning of unique baby names that you have chosen for your child?

You can find hundreds of books out there that contain information about baby’s name and their meanings. Away from this fact, many of websites are out there today that could help you generate unique baby names for your child and find that name’s meaning.

All you have to do for the meaning of uncommon baby names is, enter the names that you are considering and you are on the way to knowing what those names mean. In addition to this, you can find many online portals that display hundreds of names in alphabetical order with their corresponding meanings.

5. Be real, but not too imaginative!

You may have already heard someone say – be imaginative or creative, but not too much. This is definitely true while choosing unique baby names.

Remember that creating unique baby names is not a bad idea, but to make it with too much uniqueness and imagination may end up your child regretting the name and blaming you in the end.

A name that no one has heard of or can’t pronounce can bring embarrassment. It may also bring unwanted attention to a child. So if possible, don’t be too imaginative when deciding for unique baby names.

6. Think twice while deciding fashionable and popular baby names!

Remember that names that are too fashionable are likely to go out of style in the years to come. Choosing the name that is on top of the popularity list may also have certain risks.

Having a name that everybody around you has, may create some trouble and confusion particularly in schools. Your child finds difficulty with three or more of his or her classmates answering to the same name.

The idea behind this is it is better to avoid the so-called top ten names. Look for unique baby names which are not way too unique, or simply look for a name that is mid popular and not too trendy.

7. Consider nicknames

different baby namesIt is another important thing to consider, creating a nickname for your child. You have to remember that most children are addressed by their nicknames. So while thinking about a nickname for your baby, always consider what possible nickname can be derived from the first name.

Before you choose the nickname, again test it for compatibility. Think about the nickname that you chose for your child.

8. Be attentive with initials

The initials in unusual baby names can be an overwhelming factor. This is the reason that most couples and parents do not really look at the initials while deciding on unique baby names for their babies.

Initials should not appear undesirable. Most of the times in our lives initials are highly required. So it is important for you to think about it and make sure that the first initials of your child’s first, middle and last name do not spell anything that is undesirable.

To put it simply, the words that will be formed from the initials of a given unique baby names should not be a subject of ridicule.

9. Name after a family members name

Most of the parents have recognized the advantage of naming a child after a family members or a relative’s name. According to some resources, placing your unique baby names after a family member’s name is like honoring that member.

So if you want to show respect to your grandparents possibly, then start checking out with their names and gather as many family names as possible.

You can use the same for your child, but this is not by far a very good option for the initial as worthy of consideration here. Possibly the best way to do is to create a disparity of the name or do a matching with first initial.

10. Look at the gender

Most people think for uncommon baby names based on the name’s gender. It is a well considered matter as it is important that gender is clearly identified by name.

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