Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Twin Baby Names

Choosing a baby’s name is an overwhelming responsibility and duty for every new parent and is at the same time a fun activity. A name becomes an identity and remains with an individual throughout his or her life and that what makes the task even more interesting. However, it becomes even more difficult when you need to select not one but two names for your twins. Below are a few general things that you need to keep in mind while selecting that perfect name for your twin.

keep in mind while selecting twin baby names

A Name is an Identity

So remember never to go overboard with the names of your twins. Avoid similar sounding names as that will only add to your baby’s problems in their growing years.

Always Avoid Names that are too Cutesy

Names that go in pair like are recommended to avoid, especially the ones that come from cartoons or TV programs like Tom and Jerry or Chip and Dale. Growing up with these names can be embarrassing for your kids.

Be Very Careful of the Meaning of the Names

While selecting those names be very sure you perfectly know the meaning of the names. If the names that you select for your adorable twins turn out to be a double meaning word then your twins are going to have problems.

Unique Name

When selecting names be sure that each name is as unique as the other one. If you choose a very common name for one of the twins and an uncommon name for the other.

Do not Share

If you have already selected names for your babies or have a few names that you like, do not share those names with others than people close to you (if you want to say). As these names might remind your friends or well wishers of people they hated or did not like, and this might force you to keep on changing names.

Strategies you might follow while selecting baby name:

  • You might use names from your family.
  • You might select or pre-decide on the initials of the twins.
  • Might decide on names with same ending sounds like Ethan and Aiden, etc

Keeping names for twins is not really a daunting task if you go creative and also practical simultaneously. Gather your family and ask them to give suggestions, jot down the best ones in a notebook and see if you can create the best combo with some combination and permutations.


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