10 Useful Steps Towards Deciding your Baby’s Name

Are you a new parent? Wrecking your brain to find a unique name for your baby? We understand that picking your baby’s name can be daunting more often than none. After all it is something that your bay will be identified as for as long as he/she lives.

With recent incidents of unique baby names making breaking news in several parts of the world you would want to be safe and unique without the shock factor. It can be even more trying to pick an appropriate name for your baby especially if there are daunting family members who expect their suggestions to be considered.

At times like that remember not to hesitate to politely but firmly refusing their suggestions if you do not want it or like it. Remember it will be something that will forever be a part of your baby’s life. Here are 10 basic steps to decide your baby’s name without any confusion:

useful steps towards deciding your baby’s nameWait Until you Meet Him

It is always a good idea to wait until your baby is born. Expecting parents can get excited at the thought of the new arrival, but it is always a wise decision to wait. This prevents you from reforming the names over and over again thus making it sound funny instead of unique. Also it helps you puck your little ones name easily because you can pick a name that would suite your baby’s look and characteristic.

Where do I Begin

If you are not the waiting kind, then start discussing names with your partner. Make a list of favorite names handy and keep jotting new ones down every now and then. Use online name finding tools as a helping hand.

Sound and Compatibility

Whatever names you choose say them out loud along with the preferred last name to know how it sounds. Make sure it is not harsh and goes well with the last name. Remember that longer first names work better with shorter last names. Try and avoid choosing a first name that ends with a vowel if the last name starts with one. Also make sure that both the first and the last name do not rhyme or results in a pun, unless the pun is meaningful and beautiful.


Try and be unique and creative with the name so that your baby’s name stands out from the crowd. Always remember that the chances of mixed identity can be very high with a usual name for your child in every step of the way.

Relatives and Friends

You can choose your baby’s name after his/her grandparents like many others. You can also name your baby after your friends or acquaintances. If you like taking suggestions then take ideas and suggestion from friends at this graciously. You can sometimes name your child after friends or relatives with a modified and catchy twist.

Ancestry and Heritage

The heritage and ancestry of a child is an important and integral part that will form and shape his/her life. If you are the kind of person who would want your baby to respect and love his/her heritage and ancestry, then you can always name your child with the most common name of the family. Often royalties are named according to this idea.


Whatever you may name your baby, make sure that it is meaningful in the right ways.

Initials and Nicknames

Make sure your baby’s name if shortened have a decent and smart nickname. Also remember that the initials of your baby’s first and last names should not be funny unusually insulting.

Past History

Try and avoid naming your child which might remind you of a bully or an ex no matter how much your partner likes the name.

Blend your Favorites

If you and your partner’s choice of names are polls apart then try and blend some of the favorite names together and try calling it out for a couple of days.

With these tips at hand it will be child’s play for you to name your child. So best of luck and congratulations!


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