Popular Baby Name Websites

baby namesYou may know the sex of your baby when you are pregnant, in which case the task of selecting a name for the baby is eased by 50%.

It is still an important task, naming your baby is something that the child will have to live with their entire life.

Give a baby an unusual name if you want to make sure they can find email addresses for themselves easily, or simple names if you think they won’t mind being an Emily2304 at Gmail!

For those that simply cannot think of something suitable, there is a lot of help out there, in the form of baby name websites:

  • This website gives you interesting details about name popularity: which names were the most popular during any one year etc, browse to your heart’s content
  • This is a very good straightforward baby name site which lets you browse by nationality, religion, region, ethnicity etc.
  • Here you have baby names and their meanings, which makes for entertaining reading as well as a great source of baby names.
  • This site gives you popular baby names from around the world; you can zoom in on the region to see what names are popular where.
  • This website claims to be a primer to parent cruelty and warns you of the pitfalls of trying to get ‘unique’ names for your babies and the hilarious reasons for that.
  • Here is a hilarious site that will help you decide against names such as Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell etc.


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